Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Sound of Healing

[photo courtesy of Alex Grey,]

In various philosophies varying from ancient Hinduism to modern-day String Theory, it's been said that everything is made up of vibrations. As a musician, I understand on a subjective level the effects of music on the soul, and I admit to turning to binaural beat programs when in need of a sleep aid. Whether it’s the placebo effect taking place, I cannot say, but the process of ritual, of tuning into the body’s responses is a genuine and unarguable therapy for a restless mind. But it occurred to me that there may be limitations to how a digital device can transmit acoustic vibrations. It may be necessary to turn to a source of live, on-the-ground vibrational therapy as I explore the applications of sonic healing.

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Gary Fishman said...

Kate, you did a wonderful job blending together all the different ideas into a well thought out presentation!