Thursday, March 14, 2013

Music For Video Games

From their early days to the present, music and sound have always played a part in video games. But how does they actually function in games? What separates them from other mediums? In this special episode of the Aperture Science PODcast* Testing Initiative, join our latest guest, test subject #1313, otherwise referred to as Mikey, as he attempts to shed light on these questions and more. Will our young test subject succeed in his valiant attempts to explain how music for video games is applied in generative, non-linear manners and how players can interact with and affect how music plays during gameplay, or will he be doomed to suffer a horrible death as his Aperture Science Relaxation Vault and Death Trap tragically collapses all around him? The only way to find out is to click that button down there. The one right below this paragraph. It's just sitting right down there, waiting to be pressed. So, go ahead, press it. What are you waiting for? Do you hate buttons or something? What have they ever done to you? Just press the damn button! Don't make me send over our Aperture Science Military Androids to press that button for you, because trust me, you won't like it!

EDPx3750: Music For Video Games

*Podcast or Die

(Author's Note: It shouldn't happen, but if SoundCloud takes down my podcast due to copyright music, I'll make sure and email my podcast to you, Trace. That way you would still be able to listen to it. Again, it shouldn't happen, but I'll send it later anyway, just in case. Sorry!)

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