Thursday, March 14, 2013


Sometimes referred to as power pop, emo-pop as a sub-genre of American alternative rock music, distinguishes itself from emo, its predecessor, by embracing the pop aspect of its music and by celebrating their commercial appeal (the emo aspect of emo-pop evident in the similarly expressive, emotive lyrics of emo). Emo-pop's commercial appeal welcomed newer emerging artists on to the music scene, who were once fans of the original emo-pop artists, who created emo-pop music of their own and posted mp3s of their music on MySpace. The movement began in the early 2000s and by the mid-2000s a new wave of emo-pop artists (like BoysLikeGirls) were releasing their first album and joining the movement while using their stylistic abilities to define their own musical identity in the emo-pop genre. 2006 was the year of this peak, in emo-pop music. This lead to a few years of exciting things happening within the genre for both artists and fans; from concerts, to album releases, to online posts, to interviews, to television appearances.It was an exciting time for me to discover music as it was for many other fans. Myspace was and is probably still an exciting place to discover and share music.

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