Friday, March 15, 2013

Critical Sound: Music Tech vs Improvisation and Emotion

This course has focused heavily on how technological advances have pushed music in new directions. I believe this to be true, and in my podcast you will hear about the innovations of Les Paul, inventor of sound on sound recording. You will also hear about legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and the innovative ideas and techniques that he brought to the Led Zeppelin sound. All of this will be accompanied by phone interview with guitar phenom Zack Wiesinger from Pittsburgh, PA who has grown up pulling his influences from those like Les Paul and Jimmy Page, but also learning a lot of the same lessons they did through trial and error. While all of the technical advances and new innovations have certainly helped push music to places it would have never been capable of prior there are a few things that I feel is more important than any music tech ever....talent, improvisation, and emotion. Truly great music would not exist even with the technology if it were not for talent and emotion. So dive in to this podcast, and learn a little bit about recording history and how it's shaped and affected some of today's talented musicians.

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