Saturday, March 16, 2013

Buried Roots...

While remnants of Jamaican culture can be found various forms and various locations across the globe, what is it about this relatively minuscule island nation that has made it stand out amongst the rest for decades?  The People from this nation win olympic events have a strong sense of self, pride, culture and belief and all of this has produced a sound comparatively unique to that of any other sound that has existed. Here in the midwest we have adopted rituals in our listening, playing, and general musicology that pays homage almost entirely to the traditions and practices that have organically and unintentionally lead to the development of reggae music, yet with the diaspora of the Jamaican people there are only few who have ventured this far inland to carry keep a source of authenticity accessible at hand. Here in Colorado if you search hard enough you can still find your buried roots music.

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