Tuesday, January 12, 2010

She trudges, schlepps, trains, drags..her load


sudden heaving: the response of surface to weight. a complaint thrown towards the box, a blunder. some iron sparking, a collection pocketed in cotton - layering of fabric, flesh. singing split end and then loud mouthed hooves on this unsteady hallway.


a rush of air disrupting the troublesome business of a grumble. some contamination meeting with a wall and one laugh - a signal without answer. guided by the rest, then falling; something caught and spit up: wads of tinsel, shredded. there is an impulse to stop, to make a revision: a hand moving through a flock of bubbles, shattering blood. a kind of gasp, release for awhile. nothing eerie about faded light, this prolonged drone.


insects sucked through a wet tube, tongued. the suture of a threshing edge, unsettled snow dark with roars. let go and quick: bound back, snapping radiance against the air. everything must be a result. from the lips a wail not yet ready, embarrassing admissions poised and unwelcome. the beast withdrawing, layering it's unwholesome self against the road, a chugging of all at once: rubber and the belly. without pause, a piston.

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Trace said...

Some fine, objective sonorous moments captured here. Sometimes, too far from the middle-screen of the unseen and unseeable, even as an analogy for an unseen sound ("iron sparking" or "cotton-layer of fabric, flesh" or "loud mouthed hooves"), these are too visual for an ear-exercise. On the other side of the screen, sometimes too psychological, too coded, or too highly valued and evaluated by loaded words like "embarrassing" or "unwholesome." I'm not sure how to hear "the beast withdrawing, layering its unwholesome self against the road." The words suggest images that suggest a vehicle on the road (rubber, piston), but I don't get a sense of the unique(ness of the) sound event itself. I find myself most interested in "this prolonged drone," not as something to do with "faded light," but what it sounds like. How can you describe the drone itself, how long must the description go on to give a sense of its prolonging?