Monday, January 25, 2010

Acousmatic listening

Location: Driscoll Lounge

A low beat, consistent, accentuated by a higher pitched humanoid forced exhalation.
Intermittent high pitched beats, short bursts of them then fading away.
A short sucking high pitched sound.

Soft clicking noises interspersed with a short intake or sucking sound.

A low thrum, constant..

Highly pitched beat muddled by mid to low range sounds, in the background behind the other noises. Further away.

Lower pitched humanoid sounds, punctuated by higher pitched ones, alternating.

Low pitched exhalation, distorted and forced.

A High pitched clatter in the distance.

A new low thumping, regularly spaced, disappears then reappears as it gets louder. Eventually it too fades.

Similar noises but higher pitched with a thumping beat.

Slower this time with longer pauses, a rhythmic beat.
Two beats at a time, same pattern as before, louder,
off beat but close together.

Several humanoid voices in seeming competition.
All in pairs, in a 1-2 progression or a 1-2-2-1 progression.

Humanoid sounds low pitched or just further away, too hard to make out.

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