Friday, January 15, 2010

Brian Eno's "Lizard Point"

An eerie whisper. A constant background noise, its volume and pitch rising and falling. Slowly a melody/rhythm forms in the foreground, yet so soft it easily falls into the background. The sounds move backwards, unintelligibly, almost a groaning. As that fades a rhythmic mid-toned sound emerges punctuated by drips and a drop they quickly come in, then out. They deteriorate into digital/metallic sounds and fade. Sounds never quite heard fade in then out. Mid tones sweep in and out like labored breath following a distinct rhythm. A building in the distance, machinery thrumming as it slows. Going down into the basement or down a dark alley, the groans of something left behind. A small sound whips around, barely heard above the original background noise and the soft melody. Everything fades. Why should my hair stand on end, these soft sounds and rhythms bring little peace but the flavor of forgotten things, perhaps best forgotten?

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