Friday, January 15, 2010

Constant Noise

• Short clanging “tsstsstssts”
• Mechanical, medium to high, “ME”
o Its constant
• High ear piercing grind going up and down as if straining at different parts
• Vocal “Hua” hum of vocal tones, high and nasal.
• Crinkle sounds as someone eats, like a cricket almost rhythmic.
• High sexy undulation saxophone lout to soft, romantic and passionate to high strain and climax to soft flutter.
• Drone of gurgling, repetitive and pulsing
• “SCREECH” 1 pause 2 pause 3 pause 4 pause, “SCREECH!” sharp to fade, “EEE” “EEE” “EEE” “EEE” “EEE”
• “BEEP” high, very high pitch about the duration of someone’s foot touching the ground while sprinting
• “Saw” sound of machine, non tonal, almost percussion like, constant cracking “REE” “REE” “REE” always in bursts of three.
• Cough
• Knock of high heels, rhythmic like, “clock clock clock clock” making the third clock the highest in tone. 1 2 3 4. Reverberates and echoes with acoustics making it fill the entire room. No one notices but me as the voices start to compete and get louder as well. The sound dies down and gets softer, the voices remain the same.
• Girl sings
o Vocal is high pitched. Almost full of air and wispy. Almost super sonic, higher pitch than when your ears ring after a concert. Very raspy and annoying. Probably what a dog hears when you blow a dog whistle.

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