Friday, January 15, 2010

Brian Eno’s "Lantern Marsh"

It starts with resonating harmonies and ghostlike screams from far in the distance. “Other-worldly Calls” are made, reverberating with the harmonies of the background growls. Echoing and a slow drone give the feeling of being on a strange planet. High pitched vocals and moans surge forward and back accompanied by clangs of movement. Deep drones of bass hum to balance the piece. Then the volume increases and surges only to die back down, awaiting the next wave of sounds. Repetition of change creates the illusion of familiarity. The fact that the sounds are undistinguishable creates the air of mystery, and fear. This leaves me with the question, “Why is it that I’m calmed in this dark world created by Mr. Eno; when I feel afraid?”

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