Thursday, September 27, 2007

Response to "Lantern Marsh" by Brian Eno

Adam Butler
Blog Response
“Lantern Marsh” – Brian Eno

The scene opens with a rumbling low frequency, saturated with swooping, high-pitched wails, engulfing and encompassing the stereo field. Atonal variations of the wails come at you from every angle. Gradually, additional instruments are introduced; but are they instruments? Regardless, they fill this imaginary atmosphere with a slowed down, expanded strings sound that detunes and retunes in waves. The ear and body become immersed in a landscape not visible to the eye, but one fabricated in the mind. A vibrating static enters and leaves the left and right channels at different times, as the high wails continue; they are crying now, but about what? Slowly and gradually, all starts to fade. We are leaving it behind; floating away. Who would have thought that such emotion could be attached to an atmosphere that does not exist but in our own level of imagination?

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