Thursday, September 20, 2007

DJ Food: Raiding the 20th Century

UBUWEB's coverage of the expanded version of DJ Food's history of the cut-up is priceless, with both a good descriptor of the project and comprehensive track-listing. This piece is required listening; it covers so much, it's amazingly well-sequenced, it's witty, it rocks, and it's not only a compendium of many of THE classic voices conceptualizing the impact of recording technology on music, Paul Morley's more recent writings are smart and insightful without being overly dense.

It strikes me that this project could very well be an essential model of what we might aspire to do in terms of our output in this class. Regardless, here's your recipe before next Monday's class. Take one hour, put on your headphones, pick your best seat, and check out this amazing sonic documentary that touches on virtually everything we've discussed and read in class so far. This program will continue to inform our critical discussions and practices both conceptually and practically.

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