Thursday, September 27, 2007

Response to "Cosmic Raindance" by Cybotron

Stephen Younger
Blog Response
Cybotron: Cosmic Raindance

As the song begins; I'm feeling as though I need to prepare for something. Then all of a sudden a sound of a theremin appears to signal a warning that something was about to happen. This last for only a few seconds when a synthesizer launches you and from this point on, you feel as though you’re on a ride. It's as though you’re on a real theme park ride, with each of the instruments in the song sounding as though you’re passing them by. The basic beat of a synthesized drum helps you move along from place to place as everything else around you is open space. At one point a synthesized guitar sound starts to engulf you as though you were trying to navigate through an asteroid field, then it fades away for a little bit as though you just passed. All of a sudden you experience the sound of a loud crash and everything just stops. The sound of rain and lightning fill the room with water poring down. The ride feels as though it is never the same and you don’t really know when the song will crash. Can you really chart the path you take, or really understand where it all ends?

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