Friday, September 28, 2007

Response to Brian Eno's "Lizard Point"

Lizard Point starts with a crescendo of two sustaining tones. Although these medium pitched tones are not dissonant, there is a feeling of aprehension as you realize your body is becoming encapsulated by them. Occasionally there are two more tones added that descend into a temporary resolve. Soon there are higher pitched sounds added that create a pulsing tension. The drone continues to build with the four, now familiar tones while the new sounds on top turn to a temporary beat in the distance. Now that beat liquifies. It is no longer solid. An even higher, tinny drone is added, simultaneously contrasted by a few deep bass beats. A white noise is present now, it feels like air is finally released into this created atmosphere. You take a deep breath of it while you settle into this surrounding drone that has become a comfort now. Suddenly the tinny pitch is back, this time much louder in it's sustain. The swell takes over your body and you catch just a glimpse of a space beyond. You are intriqued but then it quickly fades. It's in the distance again. Now it's gone. You are once again surrounded by this lonely but comfortable drone. Are we stifled by this space in which we have quicky become comfortable? If given another chance, do we want to break through the protective wall Eno has created and venture to the distant realm of these new sounds/space... even at the risk of discomfort or discontent?

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