Thursday, September 27, 2007

History of the Cut-up reaction

“History of the Mash-Up” by Strictly Kev.

It hits me like a collage of all the songs that we hold dear and yet all the songs that we don’t like to listen to. The first mash-up of the Beatles “Sun King” precedes everything else and we are led into other mash-ups that show how many songs and genres we avoid because of their genre are similar to the ones we like. The element of surprise drives this mash-up chronology. Theres another unexpected song that is so familiar and yet not because of the strikingly similar bass rhythm. Country singers are now rappers. Rappers are now disco artists. Hendrix is a pop star instead of a guitar god. The Beatles are electronic artists. The same song changes into a different song. A break in the middle displays an analysis of the cut-up and even the cut-up is cut-up. Then just as he did in the 60’s Ed Sullivan introduces more music and interviews that are cut-up to change the message. All these songs are very different from one another yet pieced together so seamlessly. Are any of these songs really that different from one another?

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