Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jukebox Capriccio by Christian Marclay

A needle drops onto a spinning record and someone begins to fiddle with the vinyl as it spins. The sound of sped up tape can be heard playing some sort of jazz piece. A strange ticking sound appears on the right channel of my speakers, builds, then fades out to the left channel. The screeches and scratches of the needle on vinyl and the tape running across a tape head continue as an drum beat is introduced. The drums fade out and the jazz returns. Eventually it’s a full ensemble, but it suddenly cuts out and replaced by a techno beat out of the ‘80’s. The Jazz resumes, followed by some more scratching and drumming. The song slows to the end and new sounds are introduced. A final jazz riff occurs right before an abrupt end to the piece. I sat there wondering why this strange combination of sounds had just entered my ears.

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