Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Buffalo Gals by Malcolm McLaren & the World's Famous Supreme Team

The listener is dropped out of nowhere into the World Famous Supreme Team radio show, our DJ scratches and rattles off the radio station, 105.9 FM. We are next introduced to the Supreme Team, we hear a list of names. Then another DJ chimes in and says he has the first call of the night, its a female and he mentions her high school and in the background there is a divine soulful chant happening. The DJ continues to give shout-outs to the listeners, the last shout out is for a listener in Brownsville (Brooklyn). Then what sounds like a digital sampler comes in, cutting and repeating 'Brownsville' about 20 times, while some sort of tribal chant heavily reverbed comes in underneath and ends just before a very straight forward break beat is introduced. On top of this simple beat is the scratching of a female almost crying out a orgasm juxtaposed with a male voice sample. A female saying 'all this scratching is making me itch' sample is dropped on top of the beat a few times then an 1980's drum roll. Out of nowhere a dorky voice of what sounds like an older caucasian male comes in saying "first buffalo gal goes round the out side, round the outside" then 2, then 3 and finally 4 'buffalo gals go round the outside' ending with "dosey doe your partners". Yet another sample is introduced to the listener, this sample is of a female saying "She's looking like a hobo." We have the combination of hip-hop scratching and the doesy doe (the square dancing maneuver) and females looking like hobo's which seems odd at first, tension builds... but to the rescue a bass line drops, theres a breakdown and a smooth voiced rapper starts rhyming. The track returns briefly in the end to the line of describing the buffalo dance, but this time the nerd voice says, 'buffalo boys'. At the end of the track there is layered scratching, male and female voices, the track is coming close to ending, the beat stops and we end with the female sample: 'dancing like a hobo'.

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