Friday, January 31, 2014

Buffalo Gals by Malcolm McLaren & The World's Famous Supreme Team

The intro of the song is an announcement of the supreme team radio show, with multiple shout outs to various dj's and people who have called in to the show, and thusly have become affiliated with this recording. After a sampled and repeated piece of the intro vocals, specifically the word brownsville in reference to the city, and then what sounds like a tribal yell that has been echoed to infinity, a minimal beat begins, and then there are multiple samples of audio that are introduced as a layer of sonic information on top of the beat. I hear scratches of small synths, the words "three buffalo girls". scratches of the word "the beat". Then Malcolm's voice is introduced with his "three buffalo girls" square dance rap. Next there are more vocal scratches and synth stabs. An MC starts rapping and singing about midway through with a very melodic synthesizer playing behind it, almost giving a feeling of a bridge or hook. Malcom's voice returns, along with a female "uh huh" sample, and the synth hits and stabs continue. The song is concluded with a climactic repetition of the scratched "buffalo" and "dancing like a hobo" audio and a crescendo of synth sounds. This song was very nostalgic, but much of the magic from my youth has been removed and hearing the song now left me wanting that old feeling back, and strangely disappointed.

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