Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Night That John Lennon Died by Unknown

A muffled yet familiar organ sound begins to play and is almost immediately scratched to the next station. With each station after, it is easily recognizable that the Beatles are for some reason playing on each of the stations until a voice emerges. The man briefly encapsulates John Lennon's life after The Beatles for no more than 30 seconds before announcing that he is dead at the age of 40. Stations switch playing more of his masterpieces drawing us to another voice, one that is more somber and human saying John will always be with us.  The timeless songs continue and we are reminded of his life feeling that this is happening in the moment when it was really decades ago. A last voice reminds us that he never wanted to be worshipped, only remembered. How can a man that always worked for peace have died in the most un-peaceful of ways?

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