Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Williams Mix- John Cage

As the song begins, there is a unique wave of distorted sounds.   Between the white sound and what appears to be the tuning of a radio gives the song texture.  The texture comes from the variation of tones and pitches of those tones.  Some of the tones are a lot loader than other.  The song begins rather soft and then hits in some computer made high-pitched sounds, which seems to be the attempt to find a random station.  The reason it seems to be a radio being tuned is because there are voices, songs, talking, and noises with a pause (white noise) and static.  The complex and blunt tones come in and out and intensify as the song continues.  Even though there are many different radio stations of singing and talking, the structure of the tones are strung together, so even when there is the “white noise” you still remain involved with the tune.  Another focus I found was the use of frog noises.  They appear multiple times through out the piece.  Later on in the song, there is a sequence of clapping.  The clapping is a break from the radio tuning and signifies that this could be a performance.  There is a correlation between the voices through the radio and when the applause hits.   Men begin to yell “Bravo” over and over again and the clapping becomes a blur as a continuing sound.  Even when the applause is happening there is a variation in how it is produced.   What does the repetition of the structure of the song do to how some one may view the piece?  

Williams Mix- By John Cage 

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