Wednesday, January 23, 2013

All Cut Up

Sounds come in as a mans voice, as it speaks it is replaced by another voice, talking about the ideas behind the idea of the entire song. Coming up from behind him is a growing wane of a women's voice. The sound continues to evolve to another song  and so forth. Each transition comes after the injection of new materials, filling the space entirely. Each time it changes the sound comes in loud and full as if cutting in the middle of the song. More speech cuts in for transitions and mixes of two different sounds begin to cut together, the basic beat or rhythm continuing the entire time. Each song seems to have a similar drum type beat and symbols each time slightly different in execution but the sound seems to be driven back while the 'original' or main sound, singing and more harmonic instruments, come forward. It surprising how well each sound melts together and it cut together to make it feel like one continuous piece.Why were the sounds that were used chosen and what if they had been used differently? How would the sounds chosen change the intended message or idea?

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Trace said...

Please add the title of the piece and artist's name to the post, as in the posting from Basil. Thanks!