Thursday, January 24, 2013

John Cage- Imaginary Landscape (想象的风景)

Imaginary Landscape (想象的景)
The sounds start with silent for about three seconds, and then it begins to play the change of radio station. The frequency of the change rate is about two to three seconds. Somehow, it goes back to the station that the author had already listened to before. In addition, there also has some News broadcasting in the mix. Around 2:00, it stops for a while for changing channels. As the process goes on, it seems like the author is little bit impatient, he increases the speed of changing the channel. The background of this music is the sound of turning those buttons of the radio. Then, it last for a while, he goes back to this loop. Change the channel, increase the speed, and stop it. For the final part, it ends up with fades out for ten seconds in absolutely quiet. I hold the view that, this music is very unique, if you close your eyes and feel it. It just likes a five minutes radio traveling. However, It’s a really intriguing idea, isn’t it? What’s the author’s proposition to make this kind of abstract music? 

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