Thursday, January 24, 2013

DJ Food: Raiding The 20th Century

DJ Food: Raiding The 20th Century:

The track begins with a sample of the 20th Century Fox drum/trumpet roll, which sounds like its pitch has been lowered a little bit, with an added kick drum and cymbal. That sample then fades into a variety of vocal samples, that seem to have come from a lot of different sources; probably films, radio, or TV shows. This progresses into a orchestral sample, with is layered with a pitch-lowered 1940's/50's vocal sample. From there another classical music sample is layered with a clip from a anti-piracy speech. This turns into a montage of older popular songs, with an assortment of vocal clips mentioning downloading music illegally. The track proceeds to become a somewhat hectic and very random mash-up and layering of a huge variety of artists and genres, from the Strokes, to maybe Pantera, to the Beastie Boys, which continues far longer than any other sample. The Beastie Boys "Sure Shot" accappella, continues over a couple more different sampled instrumentals. This fades out into Jay-Z, over what sounds like John Lennon looped. The song basically continues as a very long montage of mash-ups, including but not limited to: KRS-One, Destiny's Child, The Specials, The Offspring, etc. After this the track progresses to another montage of various vocal clips, which sound like they are from the the 1940s/50s. They deal with subject matter ranging from early cassette tape splicing, to flying saucers. A few different drum breaks then begin to loop, layered under the vocal clips. The vocals cease, but the breaks continue, and then the purely drum breaks evolve into funk breaks, including James Brown, as well as some late early 80's hip-hop breaks. More, extremely random vocal samples continue over more drum breaks, including Queen. The loops and breaks then progress back into the more hectic mash-up of music that was frequent at the beginning of the song, before ending with what I think is Madonna.

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