Monday, November 21, 2011

M.W. Burns: a new approach to “everyday” sonic warfare

M.W. Burns uses everyday sounds in unsuspecting places at randomtimes to surprise and startle listeners. By using elements of fear, surpriseand spatial encasement, Burns draws inspiration from sonic warfare in hispieces. Although his work and sonic warfare are in fact very different, bothsounds have very similar ideas, and one may even consider Burns’ work to besonic warfare in everyday life. This podcast explores these ideas byillustrating the comparisons in their applications and meanings. The soniclandscapes portrayed bring attention to the similarities, allowing listeners togain a better understanding of Burns’ work and how it may be influenced by theidea of sonic warfare.

M.W. Burns: A new approach to everyday sonic warfare

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m w burns said...

I appreciate your comments and find them interesting but you really need to listen to my work in full. Many of the points you are making are based on edited clips, or an incomplete review of the samples I have presented on my website:
I don't contest your view that my work may have something in it that relates to your main idea. But your reasoning, unfortunately, is flawed by not actually addressing the work, but instead your highly modified version of my work.