Friday, February 15, 2013

Spaces of Listening / The Record Shop.

1. I listened to the podcast Spaces of Listening / The Record Shop.
2. The theme of the podcast was to hear varying viewpoints on the consumption of music. The podcast included opinions from music lovers, record storeowners, record store employees, and artist. It is interesting how they compare today’s kids buying and listening to music, to when the speakers themselves were kids, buying and listing to music.  How people buy music has changed so much because of technology. 
3. The podcasts address issues with listening and hearing by giving examples from their own background.  One factor discussed is the way in which technology has impacted the way people listen to music. One person talks about going to the record store and hearing the record over the stores speakers and falling in love with it.  With technology today we have mostly lost the record store listening experience.  
4.  People are using their own experiences to demonstrate the ways the music industry has changed over time.  They are trying to show that most kids today will not have the same experiences they had going to record stores
5. The form of audio production the podcasts uses has one focus, but instead of having one person telling their story they have multiple people telling short stories of their time with record stores.  I the podcast encourages people to listen to different types of music; not to worry about what people think to go out and try to find what music you like. 
6. I would want to use the technique of having multiple people on the podcast. This can keep people focused because it changes so much that people are tying to pay attention and they are trying to keep up with the podcast.   

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Trace said...

You really grasp the overall thread of an otherwise wide-ranging and very individual set of thoughts about the record store: the theme of the changing music industry and new technology pressuring the record shop out of prominence as a space of listening. I wonder about your final comment #6 as this seems to be describing exactly what we hear in this podcast....