Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Re-Post: The Clever Children play ... Stockhowzen VS The Technocrats

In case you're of the newest generation of clever children and in need of a little inspiration as you finish up your own critical mashup, check this out:

Students of the "Digital Sound Cultures" (Winter 2010) class responded to a dialogue between two generations of electronic and digital sound producers by making short mashups. The resulting audio work highlighted or resolved tensions evident in The Wire magazine's "Advice to/from Clever Children" (Nov. 1995), which pitted the father of electronic music, Karlheinz Stockhausen, against a younger generation of electronica represented by Aphex Twin, Plastikman, Scanner, and Dan Pemberton. The Clever Children album extends this dialogue into additional works by Grandmaster Flash, Brian Eno, Janet Cardiff, Francisco Lopez, Bjork, Christian Marclay, and many more.

Track List
1. Brad Ginsburg - "criticalmashup" (3:27)
2. Andrew Baldwin - "Technocrats" (5:05)
3. Angela Malley - "Critical Mashup" (3:15)
4. Roxi Carter - "critical maship" (3:04)
5. Leo Kacenjar - "Hunter's Down" (4:49)
6. Kanoa James - "kanoa remix" (4:42)
7. Eric Peterson - "Critical Mush" (3:38)

Download The Clever Children at the Internet Archive.

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