Friday, February 15, 2013

Podcast- musical language

1)Musical Language
2)This podcast focus on what is music and what music is made of .By using languages, physics, brains etc as a guess to prove the elements that consist of music. It’s both interesting and exciting to find out that even a word or a sentence can become a cheerful melody. Especially, how the woman professor saying randomly phase turned into music.
3)This music language podcast address issues of “listening” by lots of examples. In one of those examples, I have heard the host uses my mother language Mandarin as an example to illustrate those four tones of the same word express the different meanings of it. Like “ma”, 1st tone means mom, 2nd tone stands for perish, 3rd tone means horse, 4th tone stands curse. Technology plays the role of tool which can analysis and invent a new meaning of a simple thing. Like the most impression loop example I have heard, “sometimes become so strangely”. People use the technology to make this phase into a loop, which provide a new meaning of it.
4)Tone language, cultural language. As I have mentioned before, the four different tones of the same word stands for different meaning in Mandarin. In different tone we express the same word show our emotion and mood change. Also the example of touch at a distance, which let also know we can feel the music according to mankind’s brain system. It also explains the reason why we have the feeling of consonance and dissonance.
5)The host uses the audio examples and other guest host speaking to fill the empty in the podcast. They did an extremely good job in getting involved people by keep asking question and let the professor answer the question by their examples. The structure of this podcast is really clear; we know the start, middle and the ending of the podcast.
6)I hold the view that they should do more interviews in the podcast. In that way, listeners like as can know the theme more deeper; and give us a “break time” to think about the issue they have discussed. Also, I like they way they use the technology as a tool to invent new things. Maybe they should show more interesting examples to hook the listeners. 

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Trace said...

Toby, I think that the section on "tonal language" and "cultural language" could be very valuable to incorporate into your own podcast. Can you apply any concepts from this discussion to the issue of musical artists working across cultures?