Monday, September 26, 2011

Williams Mix - listened by Nicole Rende

At the beginning there is a beep beep sound to start of the changing of the frequencies. Frequencies change rapidly from high to low. Between high to low frequencies there is a different sound. Some are familiar and some are foreign. These sounds pop up out of no where and make the track louder or not as loud. These sounds range from songs to talking to sounds you hear in everyday. The frequency change is very repetitive. A beep interrupts the frequency a few times. Frequency tends to be lower in general. There is a low froglike noise that repeats very often. The end is of a group of people clapping and as the track comes to an end the clapping is gradually louder and louder then it slows down then repeats this process. Then the clapping subsides for good. Why would someone write a song that sounds like it is on the radio, isn’t the point of recording a song because you want it to sound clean?

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