Monday, September 26, 2011

John Cage - Williams Mix

I hear high and low pitches of frequent switching of frequencies and rhythms. There are very few recognizable sounds but every once in awhile I hear a recognizable melody, like the cartoon-like music or the quiet talking sounds in the background. Everything sounds very electronic because of the frequent movement between channels. I hear deep tones of classical music (possibly) combined with the high sounds of reverberating noises. The sounds are very brief so there are few distinct words. The reverberating noise repeats. Again, there is a lot of movement from high to low pitches. I hear the sound of low croaking in the background and the same feminine voice with the reverberating sounds (laughing?). The voices and sounds are now getting faster and more chaotic. A brief break immediately after with small pauses between sounds. I hear the sound of low croaking in the background more frequently now. There are scratchy noises and a lot of clicking and movement between frequencies. I think I hear a recognizable melodic sound. Now it is a large break and then sounds of clapping and cheering from an audience. The rhythmic and low muffled sounds are layered with high pitched and random loud sounds.This continues for awhile and continues to get louder and louder as the break from the frequent changes continues. These sounds intensify. The crowd quiets as the track ends. How does a track that seems to be a collage of random sounds and songs end up coming together with chorus-like parts that help the track maintain a constant rhythm and cohesion?

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