Monday, September 26, 2011

Malcom McLaren And The World Famous Supreme Team...Late :/

Sweaty lo-fi brooklyn pirate radio stations trying to drown out the summer afternoon with shade and hip hop come to mind. Brownsville, is that where DJ shadow is from? now i hear Big Boi samples, Marshal Mathers influence, all immediate realizations that this song is much bigger than it ever realized it would be. Gorgeous camelwalk stutter on the sample arrangement, and it cleans up the pace in a moments switchup, like seeing a funky robbery in progress to sober you out of your drunken August street wandering. Tight drum rhythms and ecstasy synth stabs to send it into the sky; sarcastic musings on american white person culture of the dance, a dance that we know to be the stiffest dancing of them all, the complete opposite of funky and hip hop, the complete opposite of soul and of breaking tradition, of chopping and screwing, taking a sample of this culture and throwing in an entirely different one on the same bar to make a third. Summer heat vibes or dry tundra evenings aside, how did i suddenly just get so sweaty?

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