Friday, January 16, 2009

John Oswald - Dont

The easily recognizable sounds of Elvis fill the start of the song, but something is off about the background. The surroundings of the voice click and crackle; start and sputter off with a disjointed rhythm. Now Elvis is interrupting himself, with an echoing embrace of his words. The background is becoming stronger now, both in volume and constancy. And then it tempers off quickly to almost complete stillness and silence. A single, strong pitch wavers in the air for a moment before Elvis resumes, but quickly the different pitches and influxes in volume of the background smacks and clicks overwhelm the voice and my ears, toying with the original rhythm, but quickly losing its rhythm in the excitement. Then the barrage heightens, with overbearing timbre and ever-increasing tempo and volume, fighting with the Elvis’ voice, eventually winning the struggle and fading off into silence. How do the sounds of one of the most recognizable voices in history become drowned out by its own self in a chaotic battle of rhythm and volume?

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