Friday, January 16, 2009

Kraftwerk - The Man Machine

A taping starts to play with a rapid, hollow, crispness. But is quickly interrupted by the start of some great classical symphony only being played by electrical instruments out of a Mario brothers video game and the tapping is layered into the background. Flowing at a constant speed each section of the electronic Mario brothers orchestra getting its chance to play its own part and layer itself on top of its neighbor beat by beat patter by patter. Each section of the orchestra interacting with each other and playing off each other, building the structure of the beat in a monophony than homophony than polyphony type of way. Only to be slightly broken up by an unrecognizable at first synthesized, chopped, and stretched voice that comes out of the back ground and from underneath all the layers of the electronic orchestra playing to announce its dominance over all the different layers of the electronic Mario brothers orchestra.

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