Friday, January 16, 2009

Dan Pemberton - Phoenix

The sonorous form starts quietly with a deep, metallic sound; it begins to rotate and oscillate with increasing fervor. As it progresses the sound crescendos and swells, folding back on itself and growing with each added reverberation. A sharp, breathy exhale punctuates the hollow metal swelling, which now begins to grow darker and thicker; some barely audible ascending sound bytes trickle into the mix. The metal reverberation suddenly catches on itself and stutters, pounding and throbbing inside the piece with the discomfort of a hangover. Gradually the pulsing fades out to allow an uplifting electric organ to take its place. The tranquil tones gently glide in and float upwards, playing a soft, slow melody and allowing itself, much like the disconcerting metal in the beginning of the track, to vibrate and fold back into itself, creating a chorus of ethereal voices. Eventually each voice decrescendos to silence one at a time, allowing the metal oscillations a small resurrection before fading out completely. The title of this track is Phoenix: does this piece aurally simulate the life cycle of this mythological creature?

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