Monday, October 22, 2007

Tubby Dub

As I listen to "Tubby's Dubs", I cannot help but notice the repetitive nature of all of the works. Using both the repetitive beat of reggae, as well as the consistent use of echo's; the Dub style manages to create an enjoyable tune with the use of only a few sounds. I believe that this style is successful because of the meaningful use of these techniques. The echos, pitch changes, volume changes, and added sounds made dub something to be listened to half a century ago as well as something to listen to today. By turning the reggae genre electronic, dub became the popular type of music to enjoy in Jamaica. When I listen to some of these tracks I can still see the ghost of Stockhausen, as well as other artists from the first unit. In Lee Perry's "The Tackro", Perry has all of the classic characteristics of dub music, but he incorporates screams of different pitches. Not quite as random as the work we listened to during the first unit, but still incorporating different sounds and noises of life into his work. The feeling of reggae has always been a very upbeat feeling, the use of the echo as well as some of the other electronic techniques can completely change the feeling of the original song. I believe that dub was effective because of the way it could influence such a straight forward genre.

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