Monday, October 8, 2007

In the Shadow of the Moon

In the Shadow of the Moon opened last month, and I thought of it today because I remembered someone in class wondering if there had been any efforts to archive the stories of astronauts. This looks like an attempt at that, focusing on the Apollo missions to the Moon.

Also, on the movie's website, there's a really nice writing by the film's composer, Phillip Sheppard and how he approached scoring the film (Under "About the Film"):

My initial impulse when thinking about the project was 'Space! America! Let's go big and bombastic adn write music that's going to punch them out of their seats.' But of course that's not what the film's about; its much more of a human story. Funnily enough it's more in the way of a chamber piece; it's more intimate...

So for the launch, where you may expect a full symphony orchestra to be playing right from the off, we're starting really small with just the tiniest instrument, the little marimba, and then building to something that's absolutely enormous We've gone the opposite way to what you might expect...

We recognized that this film is about the frontier mentality; the idea of discovering not the new West but the new world, and I wanted that pioneering spirit to be manifest in the score. I love the old West and this traditional American string music is among my favorites.

Sounds familiar but with a new approach. Its showing at the Landmark Chez Artiste on Colorado. Also, check out that computer! It looks like a giant wall of synthesizers!

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Trace said...

Sweet! I hadn't heard of this at all, and it sounds great. The score sounds amazing, as well, and definitely taking things in a cool and different direction.