Sunday, October 21, 2007

Energy Fools the Magician

For this Blog Post, I looked though the material given though class and found this title called : Energy Fools the Magician.” After listening to this I had come to the conclusion that Timothy Taylor’s ideas on the Technoscientific Imaginary seemed to be the best way to describe this piece. This is a piece that carried a natural beat in through out but seems to bring in some kind of synthesizer at periods of the song. Through out the chapter, Taylor explained how electronic started to be incorporated within music after the Post War. This piece seems to emulate the Spooky Tooth: Ceremony area. Yes the piece doesn’t have any religious undertones with a rock twist, but the pieces seem to relate in bring in one thing to be over layered with another. With a natural sound which to me seemed to be an abstract beat, a synthesizer was placed over it with a more musical tone. There is a consistent ringing with a guitar playing various notes through out but the other sound seems to have something more to it. It sounds as though time was slowed to give it more of a chorus and make it stand out more.

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