Friday, March 12, 2010

Improvisational Identity and Sound Tribe Sector Nine (STS9)

For my podcast, I focus on STS9's authentic sound and their style of instrumental music. Most people refer to Sound Tribe as a jam band, but in this instance the band members themselves do not place or categorize themselves into one specific genre. The authentic improvisational style of STS9 encourages a new way to think and listen to music, partly because STS9 uses every type of music style. Not just repetitive of past sounds, though, Sound Tribe brings a new element to the music scene today and shows a lot of growth and development through their on and off stage appearances. Take it or leave it, this instrumental band show no signs of stopping or being placed into any kind of genre other than the genre of "STS9"!

Download the "STS9" podcast (14:05).

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