Saturday, March 13, 2010

Acoustic Ecologies - Microcosms of Sound

This Faces Made for Radio podcast looks at the acoustic ecology movement and how it has developed since its original creation by the World Soundscape Project in the late Sixties. The podcast explores how different artists have taken field recordings in different directions and suggests why they have done so. Throughout the podcast there are rich recordings of soundscapes by such artists as Hildegard Westerkamp, Francisco Lopez, Annea Lockwood, and Barry Truax, just to name a few. Also featured are several interviews with these artists, who discuss their processes and the meanings behind their recordings. I compare the different lenses through which these artists see the soundscapes around them and what the artists are trying to accomplish with their work. Though R. Murray Schafer helped start the movement, today's soundscape artists have moved in directions Schafer never envisioned. This feature-length podcast chronicles these nuances with hopes that its listeners might start to hear the world around them with a more critical ear.

Download the "Acoustic Ecologies" podcast (25:47).

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