Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Clever Children play ... Stockhowzen VS The Technocrats

Students of the "Digital Sound Cultures" (Winter 2010) class responded to a dialogue between two generations of electronic and digital sound producers by making short mashups. The resulting audio work highlighted or resolved tensions evident in The Wire magazine's "Advice to/from Clever Children" (Nov. 1995), which pitted the father of electronic music, Karlheinz Stockhausen, against a younger generation of electronica represented by Aphex Twin, Plastikman, Scanner, and Dan Pemberton. The Clever Children album extends this dialogue into additional works by Grandmaster Flash, Brian Eno, Janet Cardiff, Francisco Lopez, Bjork, Christian Marclay, and many more.

Track List
1. Brad Ginsburg - "criticalmashup" (3:27)
2. Andrew Baldwin - "Technocrats" (5:05)
3. Angela Malley - "Critical Mashup" (3:15)
4. Roxi Carter - "critical maship" (3:04)
5. Leo Kacenjar - "Hunter's Down" (4:49)
6. Kanoa James - "kanoa remix" (4:42)
7. Eric Peterson - "Critical Mush" (3:38)

Download The Clever Children at the Internet Archive.


[ tV ] said...

I always thought Stockhausen's comments indicated (besides arrogance) a challenge to the electronic underground to prove him wrong. Though Stockhausen had already been dethroned by the time of the WIRE article (which is somewhat lost on him), the global, nonacademic, electronic popculture has only gone on to flip inside-out Stockhausen, who has aged, it would seem, in an increasingly narrow archive. All these tracks demonstrate comprehension of a sonicsphere much vaster than Stockhausen's — who was restrained by a narrow conception of composition, and had to turn to conceptual supplements and ever increasingly complex stage compositions to achieve the gesamkuntswerk his sonics lacked.

Or – Stockhausen remains on a manifest plain that much greater than the electronic underground, as he remains pivotal to future sonic explorations, as the patriarch everyone loves to hate.

Well. Caffeine. Great to hear these tracks. Mailey's piece has an impeccable sense of timing worthy of an electroacoustician's ear, a Cage performance, an improvised jazz musician... Roxi Carter's work reminds me of some of DJ Spooky's more innovative mixes on -Rhythm Science-, radio channel from deep space... Leo Kacenjar demonstrates advanced application of silence & microsound -- possibly the most striking rejoinder to Stockhausen... Kanoa James drops CDN techno minimalist Plastikman, putting elements of Plastik to its acidic decomposition... Eric Peterson gets all Warp, and lets IDM bleed... Brad Ginsburg is all popstyle, putting to odds the top40 with the unheard40... Andrew Baldwin does IDM pop with a Donna Summer (as in Jason Forrest) twist.

Is it enough to spin Stockhausen in the grave?

Trace said...

Angela Malley has correctly identified the artists on the cover and is the winner of the beer of her choice (if legal age only!) or Red Bull or other non-alcholic drink if preferred! Congrats, Angela!