Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So I was back at the mac store recently getting some more things fixed on my computer when I happened across this Iphone/ipod touch app. Its called Bloom by Brian Eno In thinking about how those that experiment with music seem to eventually turn their creative process into one that can replicated well this is Brian Eno's version. Now you too can create ambient music with the touch of your finger.

Actually I found it pretty cool as it takes your touch and turns it into a note, it repeats your touches in the exact order you did them in or it can randomize them. It cycles as well so it plays and you can insert new touches throughout the piece. Considering this isn't being done on a computer but a peripheral, its fun rather than technical. It has a feel to it and though it isn't for those that are extremely serious about composing it is almost like a casual gaming but casual composing. The songs you create can be saved and shared. Definitely something to check out. ~~Andrew


Trace said...

Sweet. Thanks for posting this!

Trace said...

This fits very nicely with tomorrow's reading from David Toop, the article on generative sound systems and artificial life games in Audio Culture, and particularly the metaphor of gardening that Eno has been into for a long time now.