Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Seductive Force of the Record Store

I chose to review a podcast produced by Sounding Out called "The Record Shop".  This was released in celebration of record store day 2012.  The podcast on a technically level was not sleek, or finely edited in any way whatsoever, though that is totally fine by me.  The content was clearly the focus for this collection of pleasing anecdotes about the physical experience of the record hunt, not to mention the sensations received.

I deeply empathized with the podcast as I still find the experience of cruising around a record store, sifting through endless piles of dust, incredibly therapeutic.  Some of the people interviewed confessed that a lot of the time when they proceed on the journey to their local music shack they aren't even intending to purchase anything.  It is all about meeting cool people, being hazed by the employees, and drooling upon the bin labels.

Knowing that humans are willing to make the effort to transport themselves to a record store, even though they could easily obtain the music for free, or order it online for a discounted price makes me feel really good.  It means that people have realized that the experience is just as, if not more important than the object.  What you leave with at the end of your visit to the record store is truly the least significant portion of the overwhelming experience of discovering new music and freaks from similar spheres.

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