Monday, October 31, 2011

Dub has changes overtime but still contains the same elements. David Toop talks about the fact that dub is the type of music that regenerates throughout the years. All dub is the same no matter what year it was created right? Wrong! David’s concept stuck with me because I do not know much about dub especially dub before today. King Tubby came out with the song Borderline Dub in 1996. When I listen to this song I think reggae not dub, but David Toop has helped me understand why it is dub. He says, “dub music is a long echo delay, looping overtime.” When I listen to this song I hear the repetition and the echoing that he speaks of in this chapter. It helps me understand the meaning of dub.

When I hear the song Gave Dub by Boxcutter, which was made in 2006, i see that regeneration of dub throughout the years. This song has all of the elements of dub that Toop speaks of, but is in an extremely different sound. This is the sound I think of when I think of dub. When comparing the two songs side by side, I understand his concept of regeneration. These songs are both dub, but dub has changed since 1996. Now it has become more universally known as the shattering loud noise that he speaks of, but King Tubby has music that is calmer and a little quieter than dub today.

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