Friday, March 13, 2009

Recyclation: A New Aural Collage

I chose to talk about recycling within music. It happens all the time, but some pieces are more specifically geared to or created out of that idea of recycling. This podcast looks at the idea of some music being either abstract or figurative. The aural collage created by the work of men like Pierre Schaeffer and John Oswald take the pre-existing and morph it into something new, arguing that their works are new pieces despite being created from what already existed. Dub artists like Prince Jammy and King Tubby reuse and recycle base tracks, showcasing the interest of vocal and instrumental art, for versioning is a common practice in the dub genre. The podcast also suggests that mash-ups of songs like that of Danger Mouse and the Legion of Doom are created not to create something different, but perhaps help listeners discover a new way of listening to what they've heard time and time again.

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